Storagely Customer Support Team: What to Expect After You File a Support Ticket

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Ever wondered what happens after you file a support ticket to Storagely? Today, we’re pulling back the curtain to give you an insider’s view of the meticulous care and attention your concerns receive from the moment they reach us. Our goal? To transform any moment of uncertainty into a seamless resolution.

From the moment your support ticket is submitted to our system, it sets in motion a series of carefully coordinated steps designed to bring you closer to a solution. Our dedicated team swings into action to ensure that your issue is not just heard but thoroughly understood and effectively resolved.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of what to expect after you submit a ticket with Storagely. Our transparent approach aims to not only resolve your current concerns but also to build your trust and confidence in our commitment to your satisfaction. We’re here to support you, every step of the way.



1. Confirmation Email

The instant you send a support ticket our way—be it through our super-efficient Feedback Support Widget, email, or even a good old-fashioned phone call—you set off a chain reaction designed to keep you in the loop. The first sign? A confirmation email confirming the successful creation of your ticket lands in your inbox.



2. Status Update Email

Once a support representative has assigned themselves to your ticket and updated its ticket status, another automatic email will be generated and sent out to you. This email informs you about the assignment and provides details about the support rep currently working on your issue.



3. Additional Request Email

Our promise to you is clear communication and involvement at every step. Occasionally, solving your challenges requires a bit more back and forth. Whether it’s additional information from you or updates on an escalation to our high-level technical squad, you’ll hear from us. Think of these emails as checkpoints, ensuring we’re aligned and moving forward together.



4. Resolution Email

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting things resolved. That’s why when we cross the finish line, we make sure you’re the first to know with a “Resolved” notification. And because life’s complicated enough, we offer the simplicity of reopening a ticket if the need arises.

Before we officially close the chapter on a ticket, we reach out not once, but twice. Why? Because at Storagely, it’s about more than just solving issues—it’s about making sure you’re genuinely satisfied and heard throughout the process.



5. Our Line Stays Open—Always

Remember, our conversation doesn’t end with a resolved ticket. If there’s more you want to share or discuss, responding to any of our communications reopens the dialogue.

At the heart of every ticket, email, and call lies our most valued asset—you. Your trust inspires us to consistently enhance our support, ensuring that with each concern addressed, your confidence in our solutions strengthens. Don’t hesitate to reach out; we’re eagerly standing by to assist and resolve any issue after you file a support ticket.



How to File a Support Ticket to Storagely

Wondering how to submit a support ticket? At Storagely, you have access to a variety of communication channels at your disposal.

The Feedback Support Widget 

If you encounter issues with your website or its features, you can access our customer support team directly through the built-in Feedback Support Widget on your Storagely website interface. This innovative tool simplifies the process of submitting a request.

Unlike traditional methods such as phone calls or emails, using the widget captures a screenshot of the problematic page automatically and conveys essential information about the issue to our development team—details that might be challenging to articulate otherwise. It streamlines the troubleshooting process, ensuring a quicker resolution of your concerns and saving valuable time for all parties involved.


To submit a support request using this feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit your website.


image3 1



        2. Find the “Feedback” button on the left-hand side.


image8 1



3. Click “Report a Bug with the Website.”


image6 1



        4. Enter a full description of the issue you’re experiencing or the change you wish to request.


image1 1



        5. Your ticket submission is confirmed! Rest assured, we are committed to resolving your issue as soon as possible.


image2 1




Dashboard Support

Should you encounter any issues with your Dashboard or a feature within the Storagely platform, please follow these instructions to file a support ticket:

  1. Look at the bottom left corner of your Dashboard for the “Feedback” tab. 


image9 1



2. Visit our Self Storage Help Center to explore a comprehensive catalog of frequently asked questions and their solutions. You’ll also find a direct submission form to reach out to our support   team for personalized assistance.


image4 1




3. Your ticket has been submitted successfully!


image5 1



Email Support

Prefer direct email communication? No worries. Simply email with the specifics of your issue or request, press send, and that’s it! Our dedicated support team will reach out to you promptly.



Want to Up Your Self Storage Game? Choose Storagely!

Carving out a niche in the highly competitive self storage industry is no easy feat. However, with Storagely by your side, you gain a sleek storage website, rental system, and Marketing Hub that will ensure you stand out from the competition and increase unit rentals. Our platform streamlines your storage rental process, integrates with popular software like storEDGE, and offers impeccable customer support staff. What’s not to love?

Storagely’s comprehensive suite of services is designed to revolutionize the self-storage industry, providing a seamless experience for both owners and renters.

Here’s how we stand out:

  • Sleek & Customizable Self Storage Website Builder
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    • Tailored designs that reflect your brand.
    • User-friendly interfaces for an optimal user experience.


  • Advanced Rental System:
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  • Dynamic Marketing Tools:
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    • Utilize SEO and Google Ad Management, and generate positive Google Reviews to enhance your visibility online.


  • Abandoned Rental Recovery:
    • Capture potential lost sales with our sophisticated Abandoned Rental Recovery system.
    • Increase conversion rates by re-engaging interested visitors.


  • Comprehensive Reporting Engine:
    • Gain valuable insights into your business with detailed reports.
    • Make informed decisions based on data-driven analysis.


  • Integration with storEDGE and Other Leading Software:


Through these offerings, Storagely aims to empower self storage business owners with the tools they need to succeed in a competitive market. Whether it’s boosting your online presence, optimizing your rental process, or enhancing your marketing strategy, Storagely has you covered.

Additionally, our goal is to provide exceptional support that goes above and beyond just fixing technical issues. We strive to build lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring their satisfaction and success in the self storage business.


What are you waiting for? File a support ticket today and contact us with any questions you have about the Storagely platform. We’re always here to help!


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