Feature in Focus: Why Storagely’s Innovative Rental System Will Increase Storage Rentals

Storage Units Behind Text Reading Feature in Focus: Why Storagely's Innovative Rental System Will Increase Storage Rentals

What’s a storage business without storage rentals? Without occupied units, your facility might as well be a parking lot without cars.

But how do you ensure your facility generates the profit you long for? 

A storage facility without a proper rental system is like a Jedi without the force. Use the force, Luke! And trust Storagely’s “Renterface” to lift that ship out of the swamp. 

It’s possible to achieve the reservations you strive for. With the right tools, your facility can increase rentals and thrive like never before.

How? Let’s find out. 



How Can the Right Rental System Generate Storage Rentals?

We’re glad you asked. 

What’s the first thing a potential tenant does when contemplating a storage unit? They Google it. And what do they see once they search? A long list of storage facilities in the area, all promising the best prices and services. So, how do you stand out from the competition? 

Let’s explore your self storage website’s features and consider how you can improve the tenant experience with Storagely.


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you optimized for local SEO to ensure your storage business is the go-to option for those nearby?
  • Are visitors able to obtain all information about the facility quickly (phone number, address, etc.)?
  • Is your website mobile-friendly, making browsing through unit sizes and pricing easy for potential tenants?
  • Does your website include an online rental system that allows tenants to reserve the unit they want in just a few clicks?

People will likely look elsewhere if a storage website isn’t easy to navigate. After all, convenience is king.


What makes your storage business platform stand out? A convenient storage rental system that brings a potential tenant from point A to point B with no hiccups. 



Imagine the following streamlined storage rental experience:

  • You visit a self storage website.
  • You’re easily able to locate a storage facility near me.
  • On the facility’s page, you can view all the features available for each unit with accurate pricing information. 
  • If you’re unsure of a unit size, you have access to a Size Guide to determine the exact unit needed.
  • You choose a storage unit.
  • You can complete the checkout process within 30 seconds—no redirects or sluggish servers. 

A straightforward rental process sure sounds dreamy, and it’s entirely possible with Storagely’s innovative rental system. If renting a unit from your facility is smooth sailing, we guarantee a greater likelihood of completed transactions and increased storage rentals. 



What Features Does Storagely’s Rental System Offer?

Now you know what you want in a rental system, I bet you’re wondering how Storagely works. Let’s dig into the best storage rental software has to offer. 


Storagely Renterface Features:


1. 30-Second Storage Rentals

That’s right. Our checkout process will help unlock your full potential with a streamlined process that gives tenants a superior rental experience. Check out the video below to see a 30 second rental in action!



2. Online Bill-Pay 

We make online reservations easy with our convenient online payment system. With Storagely, visitors can enjoy a secure checkout experience with no pesky redirects. 


3. Automated Recurring Payments

Our automated payment feature makes it easy for you to get paid.



4. User-Friendly Websites

With a few clicks, visitors will easily find their preferred location, get questions answered, and rent a unit effortlessly with an SEO-optimized storage website.




5. Mobile-Friendly Storage Websites

As we said before, it’s imperative for your facility to have easily accessible mobile storage rentals. With Storagely, they can do everything on their phones or tablets. 


6. Highlight Features

We know how to make your self storage facility shine. Spotlight your top features with Storagely!





7. Helpful Tooltips

We know tenants will have questions. That’s why we proactively answer visitor inquiries with our handy Tooltips.


8. Location Pages

Every brand location gets its own snazzy web page, complete with a built-in rental system. 


9. Location Map

Website visitors can quickly pinpoint their nearest storage facility with our map feature.



10. Size Guide

With visual aids and descriptions, our Size Guide makes it easy for visitors to choose the unit that best fits their storage needs.



image4 1

At Storagely, we’re all about creating an extraordinary experience for your tenants. With our user-friendly interface and lightning-fast reservation system, finding the perfect unit, securing it, and making payments become a breeze. Say goodbye to the headache and hello to convenience, all on one platform! 


image6 1


Let’s explore its finer details, shall we?


Self storage companies that have transitioned to Storagely’s rental software have experienced a remarkable 45% surge in overall rentals, an impressive 134% spike in online rentals, and a significant 30% recovery rate for abandoned cart rentals. In a digital era where everything has migrated online, your self storage facility must keep pace and avoid being left in the dust.



image1 1


Want to see more? Check out our case studies to see the impact Storagely can make on your storage rentals.



Optimize Your Storage Facility With Our Rental System

But what about storage facility owners? Don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about you. Our rental system offers plenty of features that ensure facility operators have everything they need to reach their business goals. From harmonious integration with your current management software to marketing tools, we have everything you need to run a successful facility. 


Additional Features Include:

  • Marketing Attribution: Unleash your inner detective and track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Know which strategies boost your business and which play hide-and-seek with your success.



  • Value-Based Pricing: Value-based pricing allows you to bundle valuable “add-on items” that your tenants will appreciate even more. This may include tenant insurance, lock checks, and more. Check out the video below for a more in-depth look at how Storagely does value based pricing.




  • Dynamic Discounts: Say goodbye to boring, static pricing! With dynamic discounts, you can offer discounts based on your current inventory. 


  • Integrated Google Reviews: Let your customers do the talking! Integrate Google Reviews seamlessly into your platform and let those shining stars boost your reputation and credibility.


image3 1

  • Content Control: Take the reins and rule your content kingdom! With content control, you have the power to shape and mold your messaging, ensuring that your brand’s voice is loud, clear, and captivating.


We understand the challenges you face when increasing storage rentals, and we’re here to help. Our solution addresses pain points and ensures a seamless experience for you and your tenants. By leveraging our industry expertise, we have crafted a system that combines functionality with ease of use. No more complicated processes or confusing jargon—we’ve got you covered.



Start Increasing Your Storage Unit Rentals With Storagely

So, you’ve heard the tales of storage woe and wonder, seen the facts (impressive, if we may say so), and your curiosity is piqued – but will you take the leap? Imagine a world where storage rentals are a breeze, tenants are happy, and your business is booming. With Storagely, that world becomes a reality.  


Whether you have locations nationwide or a single facility, our rental system is here to simplify your operations and optimize storage rentals. Let’s work together to streamline storage rentals for everyone involved. Don’t believe us? See for yourself and schedule a demo today! 


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