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Self Storage Google Ads

Maximize Every Dollar in your Google Ad Budget for your Storage Facility

We have never met a storage owner who loves to write those checks to Google Ads every month! What if we told you that you could attribute dollar for dollar every rental that comes from your ad spend? Too good to be true, right? Not anymore! Storagely’s one of a kind marketing source attribution report is the report that you’re gonna wish you had many years ago!

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Search Engine Optimization

Google’s Dirty Little Secret

Not every industry can be successful using Google Ads. In fact, in our experience it can often be more challenging for self storage businesses to be successful using paid advertising compared to organic methods because of the big REITS!

If you’re a self storage owner it means that you want to own and create what your future will look like. Unfortunately, Google does not tell you their dirty little secret. Once you begin to rely on Google Paid Ads to generate new rentals, you will never be able to afford to stop or reduce the budget (GASP!). As soon as you stop feeding the Google machine – your rental activity will immediately dry up.

If your storage facility is only spending on Google Ads and not investing in real SEO with the same budget, we are sorry to inform you that you do not own your business, Google does!

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Take Back Control

Say No to Google Ad Fraud

Did you know that bots, invalid traffic, and competitors waste 1 in 4 of your paid clicks. Our AI filters analyze every click on your Google Ads in real time. No bots, click farms or other invalid traffic sources allowed.

Get rid of click fraud on your Google Ads campaigns with Storagely’s Google Ad Protection Software. We will block the bad traffic, allowing only genuine human clicks, leading to more rentals! We will automatically sends fraudulent IPs to your Google Ads exclusion list in under 3 seconds. Our industry leading click fraud filters won’t block any genuine tenants.

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Storagely Strong

Do Google Ads Safely

At least 40% of internet traffic is automated. Stop bots, click farms and competitors from clicking your PPC ads. Improve your return on ad spend, get rentals and stop fraud in it’s tracks.

Self Storage Google Ads Protection


Mission Control for Google Ads

Our Storagely dashboard brings every lead captured from different marketing channels under one single platform. It shows you exactly how many sales are driven by each marketing channel. It’s an intuitive, comprehensive, and continuously updated tool for accurately verifying ad impact.

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This Storage Company Took Back Control


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Google Ad Management Service
Ad Account Ownership Who owns the customers Google Ad Account? Customer Always Owns their Ad Account N/A Unknown False
Match Clicks to Rentals This company can track clicks and phone calls but does not associate rentals with direct ad spend. This company can track clicks and phone calls but does not associate rentals with direct ad spend.
Ad Fraud Protection
Block Competitors
Block Bots
Block Traffic Farms
Block Fake Clicks