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Self Storage SEO

Dominate your Local Self Storage Market

Are you frustrated with where your self storage ranks on Google? Are the big REITS dominating page one of Google? Are you struggling to get more website traffic? Storagely’s platform is the most comprehensive self storage website built with every SEO technique needed to lease up!

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Search Engine Optimization

What it Really Takes to Rank your Storage Facility

Most people think SEO is just “sprinkling” some storage keywords throughout your facility website and voila – your website will be ranked #1. Unfortunately too many self storage owners have “tried” this tactic and have come to the conclusion that SEO must not work.

Has anyone ever told you that Google tells us exactly what your website needs to rank higher? While there are 200 different search ranking factors, in reality there are 15-20 factors that will ultimately determine where your website is ranking.

Here is the secret sauce: follow Google’s instructions better and more accurately ┬áthan your competitor down the street and watch your website move up the ranks, that’s it!

Check out our 2023 Best Self Storage SEO Guide.

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Paid Google Ads

Are you Wasting your Money on Google Ads?

Not every industry can be successful using Google Ads. In fact, in our experience paid advertising can often be more challenging for self storage businesses to be successful compared to organic methods because of the big REITS!

If you’re a self storage owner it means that you want to own and create what your future will look like. Unfortunately, Google does not tell you their dirty little secret. Once you begin to rely on Google Paid Ads for self storage to generate new rentals, you will never be able to afford to stop or reduce the budget (GASP!). As soon as you stop feeding the Google machine – your rental activity will immediately dry up.

If your storage facility is only spending on Google Ads and not investing in real SEO with the same budget, we are sorry to inform you that you do not own your business, Google does!

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Can Potential Tenants Find You?

Not all SEO is created equal. As a storage facility you must follow specific SEO techniques that are designed for local businesses! This means that your Google Business Profile must be fully optimized, business citations are accurate, and content that is specifically focused on “storage units [city name]”.

Want to know how to dominate your local market? Storagely offers a free in-depth SEO analysis
that will identify what your storage company is doing well and what needs to be improved to bring more rental activity.

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Reporting Engine

Mission Control for Marketing

Storagely’s one of a kind marketing source attribution report is the report that you never knew could be possible!

The problem has been marketing attribution has been terribly unreliable. The “other guys” are tracking the wrong metrics, such as clicks and leads. While these are important, Storagely focuses on what really matters, rental revenue! Our ground breaking report closes the loop between marketing & storage rental activity.

Our marketing attribution dashboard gives you full visibility and comprehensive, accurate insights into your customer journeys across every channel , giving you incredible control over your performance.

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SEO > Google ADS

Watch How one Storage Company Stopped Using Google Ads


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