Storage Unit Business Tip: A Guide to Securing Referrals and Retaining Customers

Owner Implementing Storage Unit Business Customer Acquisition

Customer service, excellent units, facilities, and size options are all crucial when renting a storage facility. 

Customer satisfaction ratings are more important than any of these factors. They’re the voice that may make or ruin your storage unit business.

It is not enough to just provide great products and services; customer experience is key in self storage marketing. 

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Let’s look at the most effective strategies for encouraging your client base to return again and again. 

Follow our top pointers for obtaining referrals and a devoted following if you want to ensure excellent customer satisfaction ratings.


Ensure Your Storage Unit Business Has Open and Responsive Communication

Consumers constantly learn about new technology, goods, and services, but sometimes they need help doing their research. They’ll have knowledge gaps of storage facilities that your staff can fill.

Make it a habit for your consumers to be able to contact a specific number, email, or live chat with one of your workers during business hours. If they can’t get in touch with one of your team members immediately, assure them they’ll receive a response within 24 hours. And keep that promise.

Instead of risking dissatisfied client feedback because their concerns were not addressed or questions were not answered, making it a company policy to respond to clients within a set period of time can only help your overall client experience. 

Making it easy for them to communicate with staff will build trust and encourage them to provide favorable reviews and comments about your storage unit business.


The Best Self Storage Websites Follow Up with Customers

Customer service does not end once a transaction has been completed. 

Customer happiness is at least two or three follow-up emails or phone calls, and sometimes dealing with returns, exchanges, or refunds in order to achieve it.

It’s also not ideal for your clients to return goods or cancel their service, but rather than feeling disappointed, it’s preferable to reach out to them and obtain feedback. 

Based on their input, see what they thought of the experience and how you may improve your customer service and experiences.

Your storage unit business should have a plan for what to do when things go wrong. If there are complaints or problems with the products or services, reach out to the customer and attempt to resolve the issue. It’ll show that you’re dedicated to providing a great experience, even if something went wrong.

You’ll be able to enhance your products and work on improving client satisfaction for future customers. Even if a particular customer does not respond to your initial emails or calls, demonstrating concern and checking in on their experience with your product reflects a lot about your storage unit business.


Gain Customer Feedback

If you want to achieve a high level of client happiness, provide them with many channels to express their opinions. 

Use emails, questionnaires, and surveys on social media to allow customers to offer comments about your goods and services. Providing several options for customer feedback lets people feel heard and allows your company to figure out what works or causes issues.

Make sure you follow up on the feedback that clients leave for you and work to resolve any issues they have. Customers will be impressed that their voices were heard, and it’ll show that you’re working to provide an excellent storage experience.

It can also be beneficial to create a storage website or blog where customers can learn more about your company and services. Use this platform to show off some of your happy customers and address any concerns others may have. 

This will give you more control over the narrative about your storage unit business, and you’ll be able to resolve any issues that arise more quickly.


Tips for Responding to Customer Feedback

When handling customer feedback, it’s essential to remain objective and positive. 

Don’t take things personally when customers have negative experiences or suggestions; instead, use their input to improve the products or services that your storage unit business offers.

Here are a few tips for responding to customer feedback:

  • Thank the customer for their feedback
  • Acknowledge the problem
  • Explain what you’re doing to fix it
  • Ask if there’s anything else you can do

By following these steps, you’ll be able to show clients that you’re taking their feedback seriously and working to improve your storage facility. 

It’s essential that you don’t get defensive (no matter your feelings). 

By validating the customer’s concern and remaining professional, you’ll cultivate an excellent reputation for your storage unit business.

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Encourage Customer Referrals

The most significant compliment that your self storage company can receive is a referral from an existing customer. 

When someone recommends your products or services to their family or friends, they’re putting their reputation on the line.

Make it easy for customers to refer to your storage space by providing them with referral cards, codes, or links they can share. You can also offer customers a discount or other incentive when they make a successful referral.

When existing customers are happy with their experience, they’ll be more likely to refer you to others. By following up with customers, addressing their concerns, and always aiming to provide a positive experience, you can encourage them to refer your storage unit business to others.

Here are some of the ways that you can encourage customer referrals:

  • Offer a discount or other incentive for customers when they make a successful referral.
  • Provide referral cards, codes, or links that they can share.
  • Send thank-you notes or emails to customers who refer your storage unit business to others.

If you have specific customers that consistently provide feedback, reward their loyalty by giving discounts for their reviews and continued purchases. You’ll increase your customer base by responding to feedback and rewarding loyal customers.


The Bottom Line

You may encourage clients to recommend your storage unit business to others by following up with them, addressing their issues, and striving to give a positive experience. You may also use customer feedback to improve the quality of your goods and services.

Finally, by offering incentives and discounts, you can keep customers coming back. By providing a superb storage experience for your customers, you’ll be able to lock in referrals and retain them for the long haul.

Achieving high customer satisfaction isn’t always easy, but the long-term benefits of improving customer service will lay the foundation for a successful company.


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