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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Storagely integrate with my management software?

Storagely integrates natively with StieLink and storEDGE. You can upgrade your web presence with no interruption on your day-to-day management. 

Are there any long-term contracts?

Nope! You are only committed to the month you pay for. But we have a feeling you'll be stickin' around long-term anyway. 

Is the Free Plan really free...forever?

Yup! The free plan is a great for single-location storage facility owners and you can stay on that plan for as long as you wish! We'd love to have ya. 

If we have multiple locations, can we assign different tiers to each location?

All of your locations will be billed at the same plan level. If you'd like to discuss custom marketing solutions, we are happy to chat and are fully able to accomodate!

Can I upgrade or downgrade anytime?

Yes. Storagely has no long-term contracts. You can upgrade, downgrade, or even cancel any time. You are only committed to the month you've already paid for!

Are there any setup fees?

There are no setup fees or hidden charges. We don't work that way around here.

Do you offer custom marketing solutions?

Why yes, yes we do. 

Maximize the power of Storagely with Storagely+. You'll have access to a complete marketing team for a fraction of what it'd cost you to hire in house.