What Do Streaming and Storage Unit Rental Software Tools Have in Common?

Hand Holding Remote Navigating Streaming Services Beside Text that Reads What Do Streaming and Storage Unit Rental Software Tools Have in Common?

Do you remember when streaming platforms were revolutionary? Netflix’s enormous entertainment library was right at your fingertips for the first time. There was no more waiting for several annoying commercials to end so you could find out what happened to your favorite character. Streaming was affordable– a fantastic bang for your buck. Move aside, cable! No one needs to pay for a huge package of channels you don’t watch. 


Ah, but then everyone in the industry wanted a piece of the pie. Before you knew it, you were paying just as much as you were before (or more) for several streaming services. Sound familiar?


The same could be said about storage unit rental software. You may find yourself paying an incredible amount for all the additional services you need to optimize your storage unit rentals. In addition to your self storage management software and rental system, you may invest in reporting software, keyword research, WordPress, and more. 


If only you could save money and time by paying for one convenient platform tailored to the self storage business that offers all the above services. 


But wait—you can. 


At Storagely, we know the importance of having the best digital presence possible. When you’re a busy storage facility owner, you don’t have time or money to worry about the intricacies of several platforms that are supposed to help your business. Finding a straightforward solution that helps grow your business may sound too good to be true. But with Storagely, it’s possible. 


Intrigued? Let’s dive in. 



How Can You Level Up Your Storage Unit Rental Software?

A self storage facility without online rentals is like a car without wheels. In 2023, there were more than 3.2 million self storage-related searches per month in the United States. That statistic represents a massive opportunity for storage businesses. Your website should be one of the first results leads see when they search for storage services. But how do you clench the deal? By dazzling them with a stylish yet straightforward website, resources, and a convenient rental platform that can change a unit from empty to occupied within 30 seconds, of course. 



If you’re using outdated self storage rental software, it’s quite possible you’re spending a lot of time filling in the gaps with additional services. Instead of using one convenient platform to update your website, create content, and keep track of rental trends, you may be juggling WordPress, Squarespace, SEM Rush, and more.


Rental systems that perform one function may not even optimize your storage unit reservation process. A slow checkout process can deter tenants from actually submitting a payment. That second of hesitation can cost you a great deal of revenue. 


Now, let’s go back to the streaming services. What if you could have the entire library of Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Max, Paramount, etc., all in one place with a single payment a month? That’s exactly what Storagely offers in the storage industry. 


Storagely includes the following services:


Storagely packs quite a punch, doesn’t it? Our services are loaded with features that help you increase storage rentals and level up your business. From abandoned cart recovery to marketing attribution, you can rest assured that your self storage facility is in capable hands. 


Just look at all of the Storagely integrations below!



Feeling overwhelmed with the complexity of the marketing world? No problem. Storagely+ offers storage facilities the additional help they need to thrive. With our experienced team of self storage marketing experts paired with our rental system, there’ll be no stopping your rise in the industry. 



Self Storage Software Cost Comparison: How Much Are Your Services Costing You?

Okay, so we know all of those platforms are a pain to manage. But how much is it costing you? Let’s take a theoretical look at the most popular plan costs for the services you may be using. 


  • Storeganize: Storeganize offers a service priced at $270 monthly for 500 units. It provides storage solutions and management for businesses looking to organize their inventory efficiently.
  • WordPress: WordPress offers a basic service priced at $8 a month. It is a popular content management system used for creating websites and blogs.
  • SEM Rush: SEM Rush provides SEO tools and is priced at $249.95 a month. It helps businesses analyze their online visibility, track keyword rankings, and research competitors for digital marketing strategies.
  • Crisp: Crisp offers a live chat service priced at $95 a month. It enables businesses to engage with website visitors in real time, providing customer support and improving user experience.
  • Birdeye: Birdeye’s reputation management service is priced at $299 a month per location. It helps businesses monitor and manage online reviews, enhance customer experience, and build a positive online reputation.
  • Mailchimp: Mailchimp offers an abandoned rental recovery service priced at $20 a month. It helps businesses recover potential lost sales by sending targeted emails to customers who abandoned their carts.
  • Looker Studio Pro: Looker Studio Pro is priced at $199 a month and offers advanced data visualization tools for businesses. It allows users to create interactive and insightful reports to analyze data effectively.


Minimum Total: $1,140.95


Keep in mind that this total is just a base-level cost for the cheaper/average plans for each service. Depending on how many locations or units you have, you’ll be paying much more. If you’re also running Google Ads and using platforms we didn’t list, your monthly total could be astronomical. You may even be paying for a marketing agency or an in-house marketing team. 


Want to claim your spot at the top of organic search and ditch Google Ads? Storagely is a great place to start. If you’re looking for all of the above services and much more, Storagely is here to help you thrive.



What Does Storagely Offer? 

Ditch the digital duct tape holding your marketing strategy together and say hello to smooth sailing with Storagely. Why fumble with a collection of mismatched services when you can streamline success with just one? Let’s unveil the Swiss army knife of self storage services – because, let’s face it, storage rentals should be about stowing away the clutter, not adding to it. 


Here’s how Storagely simplifies your entire storage unit rental software operation with our dynamic plans and transparent pricing. 


Essentials Plan


Hubs Included: Storage Website, Rental System 

Our Essentials Plan varies in price depending on the number of storage locations you have. 


Monthly prices are shown below:



Want more savings? Storagely offers additional discounts with our annual and 2-year pricing plans. 


The Essentials plan includes: 



Professional Plan


Hubs Included: Storage Website, Rental System, Marketing Tools, Reporting Engine

Are you looking for a little more support to help your storage business grow? Our Professional Plan might be just what you’re looking for. View our monthly rates per location below!





The Professional Plan includes:



The Enterprise Plan: Our Customized Package

If you’re a large operator who needs tailored services, this plan is for you. Let’s talk! Contact us for a free analysis and learn more about a Storagely plan built for you. 


The Enterprise Plan includes:




If you want to gain all of the features your heart desires, Storagely is here to support your storage business. We know how busy the life of a storage facility owner can be. You don’t have the time to manage multiple platforms. Like Prince Charming on his noble steed, we’re here to save your business and give you the tools needed to succeed— all in one convenient place. 

Want to maximize the power of Storagely? Try Storagely+! You’ll have full access to a complete marketing team for a fraction of the price. 


Storagely+ includes the following:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Designer
  • Dedicated Team
  • Content Writer
  • Custom Website
  • Data Analyst
  • SEO Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Plus, all of the Enterprise Features!



Storagely presents an unparalleled turnkey solution crafted just for the self storage industry, unifying all the essential tools into one robust platform. Whether you manage 10 or 100 locations, our plans are designed to scale with your business needs, ensuring you have technology that evolves with you. From marketing attribution and lead recovery to SEO wizardry and reputation management, Storagely offers a comprehensive suite to elevate your storage business to the forefront of the digital era. 


Break free from the costly, complex web of services — find easy storage solutions with Storagely and reserve your energy for what truly matters: growing your self storage business. 


Storagely is the all-in-one storage unit rental software solution to take your storage business to the next level. Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms and hello to seamless integration and growth with Storagely. Don’t hesitate to schedule a free demo today! Let us help you reach your full potential with the best self storage software. 


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