Feature in Focus: How Storagely’s Rental System Revolutionizes Abandoned Cart Recovery

Cart in the Background of Text Reading Feature in Focus: How Storagely's Rental System Revolutionizes Abandoned Cart Recovery

So, you’re hovering over the purchase button on a website. You’ve been deliberating for a few minutes, and now, you’ve decided to wait. Maybe you’ll complete the transaction later—or completely forget your moment of indecision. 

We’ve all been there. 

Your perspective shifts if you’re a self storage business owner. Those abandoned cart rentals? They’re not just empty spaces—they’re dollar signs slipping through your fingers. Every visitor who checks out without renting a storage unit is missed revenue. 

How do you reclaim abandoned carts and significantly increase your facility’s profits?

Storagely’s abandoned cart recovery feature! 

Let’s explore how this incredible feature can elevate your business to new heights. 



What is Abandoned Cart Recovery?

Abandoned cart recovery is an incredibly powerful tool that can help businesses recover potentially lost sales and revenue. It’s a clever way to reach out to customers who have added items to their online shopping carts but haven’t completed their purchase. By sending automated emails, we can remind them about their incomplete transaction and offer incentives to encourage them to return and complete their purchase.


Did you know that around 70% of online orders are abandoned? And more than half of those are due to distracted visitors. That’s where Storagely comes in—we can help you recover lost rental revenue by capturing potential tenants’ contact information and sending reminder emails to complete their transaction.



How Does Storagely’s Abandoned Rental Recovery System Work? 

At Storagely, we’re masters of unlocking your revenue potential. Our abandoned cart recovery system is like a superhero cape for your business, swooping in to save the day and rescue those lost sales.


Here’s how it works:

  • A customer visits your self storage website and starts the rental process.
  • They then navigate away from the checkout page without completing their reservation.
  • Our system captures their contact information and sends automated emails reminding them of their incomplete transaction.
  • You can customize these emails to align with your company’s goals and tone. 
  • When they come back, our system automatically updates your inventory and tracks the completed sale.


With Storagely’s abandoned cart recovery strategy, you have a chance to recoup lost revenue and turn potential tenants into loyal ones. 




Storage companies that have made the switch to Storagely’s self storage rental software have experienced impressive results:


  • A whopping 45% increase in total rentals
  • An incredible 134% increase in online rentals
  • An outstanding 30% recovery rate for abandoned cart rentals


Our solution addresses the challenges faced by storage companies and delivers tangible benefits. By leveraging our self storage rental software, you can significantly boost your rental numbers, capture more online bookings, and start recovering abandoned carts effectively.




With Storagely’s platform, you can personalize follow-up emails like a pro. Say goodbye to generic messages and hello to tailor-made communications that make your recipients feel special. It’s the secret sauce to forging a connection with potential customers and boosting your chances of conversion. 

Why not take advantage of this powerful tool and reverse shopping cart abandonment? With Storagely, you can turn abandoned carts into completed purchases and boost your revenue. 



What Else Can You Do to Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Storagely’s abandoned cart recovery feature is a total game-changer! But hey, why stop there? Let’s take it up a notch and slash those abandoned carts even more. The key to converting leads? Customer experience! If customers have a positive experience with your website, they’re more likely to complete their purchase. 

Here are some strategies to enhance customer experience and decrease abandoned carts:


Streamline the Checkout Page Process

No one likes to jump through hoops unless they’re a trained circus animal. Ensure your checkout process is as smooth as silk. What does that look like? Let’s take a look.


  • Find Self Storage Rental Software With Seamless Integration

Storage rental software should integrate with your facility’s management software so the experience is seamless and hassle-free. 


  • Ensure Your Self Storage Website Loads Quickly

A slow-loading website can frustrate customers and may cause them to abandon their cart. Make sure your website is optimized for speed.


  • Reduce the Number of Steps to Complete a Purchase

Ensure the checkout process is simple, with minimal steps to complete the transaction. Don’t make potential customers jump through unnecessary hoops.





  • Make Payment Options Clear

Offer multiple payment options and clearly display them on your website so customers can choose the preferred payment method that works best for them.


  • Provide Support Along the Way

Don’t leave customers in the dark during the checkout process. Offer support options, such as live chat or a phone number, to assist them if they need it.


  • Offer Incentives for Completing Purchase 

Consider offering discounts or freebies to encourage customers to complete their purchase and recover abandoned carts.


Mobile-Friendly Websites

In a world where phones are practically an extra limb if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re basically asking your customers to juggle with their feet. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices so customers can easily navigate and complete their purchases on any device.

At Storagely, all self storage websites are designed with mobile responsiveness, ensuring customers can easily rent a storage unit from their phone or tablet. 


Transparent Prices—With No Surprises!

Transparent pricing with no hidden fees or surprises cultivates an environment of trust. Customers are more likely to abandon their carts if they feel deceived by misleading prices or added fees during the checkout process. In fact,  65% of consumers are likely to abandon their cart if they find the extra costs too high. Be upfront about your prices and any potential additional costs to ensure a smooth transaction. Additionally, ensure all prices are accurate and updated regularly to avoid discrepancies. 


Avoid Redirecting Payments to a Separate Website

Redirecting payments to a separate website can be a hassle and may cause confusion for your customers. Are they likely to part with their well-earned money if they feel insecure during the checkout process? 

Probably not. 

Storage businesses should provide a seamless online store payment experience by keeping customers on their own websites throughout the payment process. This ensures a smoother transaction and reduces the risk of customers abandoning their purchase due to unnecessary redirects. 




By leveraging these strategies with effective abandoned cart recovery, your storage business can maximize revenue and create a positive customer experience that leads to repeat business. Keep your customers happy, and the sales will follow. Storagely offers all of the features in one easy-to-use platform, making it the ultimate solution for your storage business. 



Take Abandoned Cart Recovery to the Next Level With Storagely

Now, let’s not beat around the storage unit; we know the pain of lost rental income when potential renters float away from their shopping carts like a forgotten balloon at a state fair. But fear not! Storagely is here to transform your abandoned carts into revenue with our industry-leading recovery rate of 30%. 


With Storagely, you get the following tools to recover abandoned carts:

  • Smart Automation: Emails that supply a gentle nudge in the right direction when online shoppers stray from the path of storage righteousness.
  • Personalized Touches: Because “Hey you, come back!” isn’t as warm as “Hey Steve, your 10×10 space awaits your treasured golf clubs.”
  • Actionable Insights: Learn why your carts are abandoned in the first place. Too many clicks? Price hesitation? We’ll help you decode the mystery.
  • Performance Tracking: Monitor conversions with real-time data and marketing source attribution.


In a world cluttered with options, Storagely stands out with features that recover lost income and build relationships with customers. Wave goodbye to the days of passive abandoned cart recovery strategies and say hello to dynamic, results-driven tactics that put you miles ahead of the competition. Because with Storagely, it’s not just about reclaiming what was lost—it’s about winning the storage game, one recovered cart at a time.


Ready to banish cart abandonment to the land of dial-up internet and VHS tapes? Start turning those almost-customers into rent-paying regulars with Storagely. Contact us for a free analysis today!


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